SK.Walle: "Fnatic were simply the better team"

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SK.Walle: "Fnatic were simply the better team" Empty SK.Walle: "Fnatic were simply the better team"

Post by SolE on Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:24 pm

After finishing in the top three in the overall eStars polls SK Gaming will be joining mTw and fnatic in Team West for the Continental Cup, as well as participating in the individual tournament after.

Their participation at eStars means they will miss out on the chance to attend GameGune2009 [our GameGune preview] in Spain which is also taking place this weekend with teams like WICKED eSports , Mousesports and Crack Clan all set to compete.

"I dont mind playing estars with less teams, but better quality in my opinion," said Marcus 'zet' Sundström, "so for me I really dont mind playing estars instead of GameGune." Meanwhile, team-captain Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg also showed no regrets at missing out on GameGune stating "we think it has the potential of being a spectacular event" but that he "would have liked to attend both though."

The Continental Cup in Warcraft3 sees the chosen competitors all hold a similar skill level, whereas in the Counter-Strike continental match there is a huge gap. Is this the kind of tournament that can help Asian teams develop or the kind that could destroy their confidence?

"I don't want to say too much about their chances before the tournament but on paper, we should win this," said Walle, "I don't think that it will help them too much - regular practice versus teams like us on the other hand would."

Last year however, WICKED eSports were on the receiving end of two defeats, one to eStro and the other to Team Dragon, with SK having a history of underperforming versus lesser opposition it leaves room for a hiccup.

"I'm not surprised that Get_right and GuX were still playing during the break though, young and motivated!"
"The plan is always the same. We usually have a pretty good feeling about whether or not a team is good, and we try to never underestimate," said Walle, "sometimes the momentum just isn't there."

SK Gaming will have to face fnatic in the round-robin stage and also possibly again in the playoffs. Fnatic have finished 1st in three tournaments already this year, but Zet is comfortable with playing the KODE5 champs.

"I dont mind playing them twice, I rather play them than not," said Zet. "We only have something to win at the moment since we are a few down against them." But, what is it that makes them so strong? "probably individual skill and the hunger of a new player is always good."

Fnatic have of course taken a well publicised holiday after KODE5 and ESWC Masters of Cheonan, aside from Rasmus 'GuX' Stahl and Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund who were stand-ins for Dreamhack Summer winner Lemondogs . Whether this break will hinder or improve their performance remains to be seen.

"I think they might not be as in shape as they would have liked to but I definately think that breaks are needed now and then and they deserved it," said Walle. "I'm not surprised that Get_right and GuX were still playing during the break though, young and motivated!"

SK Gaming finished second behind mixed team LemonDogs at DreamHack summer, as well as second in both KODE5 and ESWC Cheonan, Walle puts the defeat down to lack of preparation.

"At Dreamhack we were missing preparation I would say. We had been slacking since the other two and that's why we lost," said Walle. "At the other two, fnatic were simply the better team without a doubt but I hope we will change the trend as soon as possible."

The SK.CS team were already in Korea earlier this year and we asked if they had anything in particular they were looking forward to. "I'm always looking forward towards an event especially when its in Asia," said Zet. "I like Asia, i find it really fun just seeing places and maybe do some random shopping. And there are of course a lot of beautiful asians that I will eyecandy."

"And there are of course a lot of beautiful Asians that I will eyecandy"
Team-captain Walle had other ideas though. "Korean BBQ and some of the old clubs!" said Walle. "Korea and Seoul is one of my favourite destinations I've had the pleasure of going to during my career, so I'm very excited to go there again."

As a bonus question we asked Walle his opinions about a recent blog by SK user Satanion that suggested making the AUG and SIG cost less, and if it would make a difference. "I'm not sure. I never really supported any of the changes made to the game in any way," said Walle, "I always adapted and found my way to be good at what I do, no matter what the bugs or indifferences."

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